Discover Japan’s finest rice crackers

Fresh, crispy, and wonderfully flavorful, Mochikichi Gourmet Rice Crackers are unlike any other crackers you've ever tasted in your lifetime. We specially select only the freshest and finest natural ingredients, and incorporate them using our expert rice cracker crafting process. Try them for yourself and you will surely notice the difference in taste! "Machigainaku, oishii"! (“No doubt about it, they’re delicious!”)

What is a "gourmet rice cracker"?

It’s definitely not the same dry or flavorless rice cracker or "crisp" that you'll find in your local supermarket. Our Mochikichi gourmet rice crackers are fresh, crispy yet soft, flavorful and, dare we say, unlike any other rice cracker you've ever tasted in your lifetime.


Our roots date back to 1929 when Mochikichi was a family-run, Japanese sweets shop called Morita Confections operating out of a simple country house in Nogata, Japan. Since those humble early days, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds to become Japan’s number one manufacturer and retailer of gourmet rice crackers.
Despite all our success, we still maintain an unwavering commitment to exceptional taste and quality. All our products are made in Japan by our skilled craftsmen using the finest quality Japanese rice, water, and other ingredients. We've gone so far as to incorporate this quality-first mindset into our moto, “The best rice, the best water, and the best technique.”

Morita Confections was founded in 1929 in rural Nogata city, where it prospered selling Japanese sweets to miners during the coal boom of the early 20th century. The company later changed its name to Mochikichi and started developing its own recipes and techniques for making gourmet rice crackers.


The Best Rice

We specially select only the finest domestically grown Japanese "gohan" rice in making our gourmet rice crackers.
This is the same delicious and high quality sticky rice served at high end Japanese restaurants all around Japan.
We go to great lengths to seek out and use the best rice for a very simple reason—the best rice makes our crackers taste better. Indeed, the secret to our superior quality, flavor, and texture is in the rice.

Mochikichi's rice cracker artisans specially select the finest Japanese rice in order to maintain exceptional quality.


The Best Water

In making our rice crackers, we use pristine mineral water culled from our private wells located at the base of the Fukuchi Mountains in Nogata. This special water was even awarded the prestigious "Suigen-no-Morihyakusen" distinction by the Japanese National Forest Agency due to its exceptional natural clarity and quality. Blended with the finest rice, this water helps enhance the flavor and texture of our delicious gourmet rice crackers.

Pristine mineral water is drawn from deep underground and is thoroughly quality tested by Mochikichi’s water technicians.


The Best Technique

With over 50 years of experience we've developed a superior process for making rice crackers. As a matter of fact, it is by this special process that we are able to create the distinctive soft and crispy texture of our award winning Mochi Celebrations series of gourmet rice crackers. Our craftsmen are always developing new flavors and techniques in order to make even more delicious varieties of rice crackers for you to enjoy.

The condition and quality of rice products is checked with great care by Mochikichi’s skilled craftsmen.

Our Products

Currently, we offer over three hundred different rice cracker products, including individually wrapped gourmet rice crackers, snack-type rice crackers sold in bags, and an extensive selection of gift tins and boxes wrapped in colorful Japanese-style "washi" paper. Our crackers come in a wide array of shapes, colors, flavors and textures, from soft and crispy Mochi Celebrations crackers, to firm and crunchy Mochi Okaki crackers, to chocolatey Choco Crunch crackers. No matter your personal taste or inclination we have the perfect cracker for you to enjoy.


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