Mochikichi Makes Gourmet Rice Crackers

"Mochi-no-Omatsuri Tsumeawase"
"Tokusen Tsumeawase"
"Te-no-Hira Nikki"
Mochikichi uses the highest quality rice.
Of course, not all varieties of rice are created equal. Quite simply, depending on where, and how the rice is grown, there are noticable differences in the rice's quality of aroma, texture, and taste. In order to create the finest quality senbei, Mochikichi carefully selects only the highest quality, domestically produced, Japanese rice.
The mountain's bounty;
Fine rice bestows this reward:
Delicious senbei
For instance, the only the finest rice from the Aso Mountain region, an area famous for rice production, is used to create Mochikichi's premiere senbei, "Mochi no Omatsuri." It is no mere exaggeration to say that the secret to the enduring quality of Mochikichi rice crackers is in the rice.

Mochikichi uses the highest quality mineral water.
In 1995 the Japanese National Forest Agency designated the prestigious title of "hundred chosen forest headwaters" to the Fukuchi Mountain Range, of which Nogata, Mochikichi's hometown, is owner and maintainer. This distinction is assigned only to locations in Japan that contain pristine, naturally occurring water reserves, with thriving plant and wildlife.
The earth gives water;
It springs forth natural, pure;
Nogata's blessing;
Naturally, the delicious water that Mochikichi uses to create its senbei comes from the Fukuchi Mountain water reserves. This pure, natural mineral water originates from deep underground and flows out from the base of Fukuchi mountains. The water is naturally enriched with Magnesium, calcium, and other healthy minerals. This delicious water, blended with the highest grade rice, allows Mochikichi to provide you with rice crackers of exceptional and unbeatable quality.

So what is a "gourmet rice cracker"?
Well, it is certainly not the same rice cracker or "crisp" you'll find in your neighborhood supermarket, which are often tough, dry, stale, and woefully lacking in flavor. Rather, the Rice Crackers Mochikichi creates are fresh, crispy yet soft, buttery and savory, and, dare we say, unlike any other rice cracker you've ever tasted in your lifetime.

Why do we think our gourmet rice crackers are so good?
For three simple reasons: "kome-yoshi, mizu-yoshi, waza-mo-yoshi." This phrase, which also happens to be the Mochikichi motto, is a simple promise to you. A promise to provide the absolute best rice crackers possible by using only the finest natural ingredients -- ingredients such as, the highest quality, domestically grown, Japanese rice, and the highest quality, mountain spring mineral water -- incorporated with a superior rice cracker making process that has been refined and perfected with our over 50 years of experience in the industry. Try for yourself and you will surely notice the difference in taste! "Machigainaku, oishii"!


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